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Offering The Best In CottonSeed Feeding

With a patented (US Patent Office No. D838,642) design that changes the cottonseed feeding game, your purchase of a 5-E Ranch Products, LLC Cottonseed Feeder is an easy decision and wise investment.

The CottonSeed Dilemma

Since Texas hunters have realized the value of feeding cottonseed, we’ve done as true Texans do and improvised. Some chicken wire, tomato cages, twine, and stakes did the job well enough for some.

That’s where 5-E Ranch Products said enough was enough.

We got to work finding a better way to serve up the nutrition-packed cottonseed. We all know water ruins cottonseed – sprouting, mildewing, molding, and spoiling. You can end up with a black mess that NO whitetail, let alone a trophy buck, wants to eat. The trick is keeping it off the ground, away from moisture, and still making it easy for feeding and filling.

The 5-E Ranch Products, LLC Solution

We are proud to offer the first of its kind, patented cottonseed feeder. Easily holding 800 lbs of cottonseed, our feeder is galvanized with an easy-to-open lid that locks open for hands-free filling. There’s a clean out door on the front side to make seed removal simple and quick.

NEW IN 2020: Our bulk cottonseed feeder easily holds 1,500 lbs of cottonseed. Like our original cottonseed feeder, it is also galvanized with a clean-out door and locking lid.

Each 5-E Ranch Products, LLC feeder is made extremely durable and built to last, which will give you the assurance your deer are well taken care of.