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MoorMan’s® ShowTec® AminoGain® Goat
Designed to meet the unique nutritional needs
of growing and blooming young show goats
• Provides 16% crude protein, 5% fat, 19% fiber,
and 25-35 ppm copper
• Incorporates AminoGain technology which complements
multiple, high-quality protein sources to match the requirements
for lean tissue (muscle) growth and facilitates efficient, fast gain
• Patented cold pelleting feed technology helps capture
freshness and nutritional value
• Highly palatable with optimal levels of protein and energy
• Contains CitriStim®, Fire Extinguisher™ R, and a direct fed
• Properly fortified with minerals for optimal growth and includes
complexed cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc, and selenium
• Properly fortified with vitamins A, D, E (natural-source vitamin
E), and B-complex vitamins
• Fortified with ammonium chloride
• Medicated with Deccox®* (81667MPSP4) or Rumensin®*
• Mini-pellet form for more efficient feeding and better feed intake