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An Energy Supplement for Pre-farrowing and Lactating Sows
  • Energy supplied from animal fat encapsulated in milk protein carrier
  • Use when needed to provide extra energy needed for optimal gestation and lactation performance
  • Ideal to use to increase ration energy level when feed intake is depressed during stress or hot weather to keep animals performing at their peak
  • Yields a smooth, well-defined body condition along with healthy skin and glossy hair coat
  • Palatable and readily consumed, encouraging feed intake
  • Dry, powder form eliminates the need to have a fat tank to hold liquid fat, is easy to mix in rations and easy to top-dress
  • 120 lb/ton inclusion rate or top-dress 0.4 lb per head daily during pre-farrowing or 0.7 lb per head daily during lactation
  • 18-lb pail and 50-lb bag