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Crude Protein (min) 21.0% Crude Protein (min) 21.0%
Crude Fat (min) 12.0% Crude Fat (min) 12.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 4.5% Crude Fiber (max) 4.5%
Moisture (max) 10.0% Moisture (max) 10.0%
Crude Protein (min) 21.0% Crude Protein (min) 21.0%

SPORTMiX® 21/12 Maintenance Adult Mini Chunk Dog Food

Tag: 11874
Form: Pellet
Weight: 50 lbs.

SPORTMiX® Maintenance Adult Mini Chunk 21/12 is formulated for adult dogs who require a lower level of energy and protein due to their activity level or living environment. The selected high quality ingredients used in SPORTMiX® Maintenance provide digestibility and energy without the use of extra protein. This special balance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals promotes strong muscles and bones and glossy coat and delivers a taste that dogs love.

Features: Benefits:
Balance of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals Supplies the essential nutrients needed to promote strong muscles and bones, glossy coat, and bright eyes.
Tested using Association of American Feed Control Officials procedures Complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.